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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Review : Confession of a Shopholic

Confession of a Shopholic

Synopsis fr IMDB:
Struggling with her debilitating obsession with shopping and the sudden collapse of her income source, Rebecca Bloomwood unintentionally lands a job writing for a financial magazine after a drunken letter-mailing mix-up. Ironically writing about the very consumer caution of which she herself has not abided, Rebecca's innovative comparisons and unconventional metaphors for economics grants her critical acclaim, public success, and the admiration of her supportive boss Luke. But as she draws closer to her ultimate goal of writing for renowned fashion magazine Alette, she questions her true ambitions and must determine if overcoming her "shopaholic" condition will bring her real happiness.

I like it! lolx.. yes this is a cheesy movie.. but very cute and interesting(I can totally related to her when she say how she feel when she walk into a store... yes... lolx... I guess I have more willpower then her(I believe alot of ppls do)... wahahahha

The only weakness was that.... not enough romance story between the leading charaters(I want more... lolx)

A fun movie to watch(infact, I already watched it twice and I didn't get bored! Teehee... watch it again with xiaomei when she say she wanna see!

My Rating: 8/10

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