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Tuesday, August 29, 2000

To swim or not to swim

What's a beautiful day, I wanna go swimming, but I ain't gonna burned my skin, cos I'm going out tonight :) So home is the best place to be until then!!!!!

Friday is coming real soon(Picnic day),we decided to went for food's shopping on Thursday <3


I didn't went out yesterday(Monday). I just sit back, relax and do nothing at all! Well not nothing at all :) I did do some thinking about my life! In my mind, this question kept bothering me.....

A few weeks ago, I met a few people from a friend and then we went out for some teas! Later they went to the games room for some video games!

I didn't play any of them, cos I don't like to play!!!! (their so called "fun stuff" are entertaining enough for me... I dont enjoy it at all, but I just went along and didn't make a fuss about it.)

I think they are abit sad because they felt that they have left me out so they asked me this..."Well what do you normally do when you are out with friends?" So I told them that I enjoy being with peoples(friends) and I'm ok with just watching! But they gave me akind of look, like I have no life at all!!!!! (One of the girl even mention that ... "Well, you have no life at all"!!! (WHAT!!!!!)

I'm not very happy about it!!

I do have a life!! Music and love are my life (without this two, life would be toooooooo Boring!!!!), I just can't live a day with love or music!!!! Don't you ?????

I think that they are not my type of friends or they just don't understand me at all!! (I should give them more time to figure out the real me!)

Doesn't play along doesn't means that I'm a boring person!

I'm not a shallow person..I want something real and deep...or else I won't be satisfy with it!!

For me what's lies inside meant more than anything else, I don't mind having a friend who doesn't like to play or have fun! As long as we get along, I can talk or do anything just being together and gets to know each others!

I'm not asking alot for a friend, I just want them to know the real me, not my look!! I might look playful, but that's not me!

I think my personalitiy have led many people into the wrong direction!!!! God, I need some help here!!!!

Enough of all this kind of talks!

I'm gonna take my time to figure out!

Sunday, January 9, 2000

Something's somethings

I always say I heart my life and the way I try to change the world with my EVIL thoughts!!!

It's the same as::
Influence others by inspire them with the ways you live your life, your wisdoms and love.

I'm so proud of myself!! Because..... I have been doing this all my life ^___^
(You'll know somethings YOU can never stop doing)

This world have so many so call "Goods and right choices" that turn out to be so nasty and bad!

So hopefully my EVIL thoughts will bring a smile to peopls who came across me ^___^

Touching one and the one will touches another and so on ^___^

I don't try to teach or help, I'm just trying to influence the world with my tiny sparks ^___^

Like this saying::
Why change the world when you can change yourself.

Changing yourself - making a statement - influence the world!!
Slowly(even if you use up all your life trying to) you will make a difference ^___^

I don't try to talk you into my religious .... I'm just sharing my thoughts ^___^

If you're asking... I'm a buddhist and I'm proud of it ^___^

We don't love to be loved, we love to love!