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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Most of the times, I think that stuff happened for a reason...
But when it gets too tough or too painful...
I start to doubt life...
Maybe it happened cos it needed to be happen... 
No reason or whatsoever~

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Eczema, hives, allergies and ugly skin

I was thinking about talking about this issue on my beauty blog.. but then again... I don't want anything gruesome or not pretty to be on there.. so I decided to talk about my skin over here! (I know me... I will talk about this on there too! lolx)

Back in late Feb, before my sister gave birth to a cute baby on 24th Feb 2014(I won't ever forget the date cos it's a day before my sister birthday! So now... le baby and sister can share birthdays (by a day different), kekeke)

I got a major inflammation on my knee and ankel (I have eczema patches, which have been there for years- in chinese we call it  "湿疹 - 显" I have learned to live with it as it will come and goes (which usually took years for it to go away completely... but if they happy they come back and haunt me!)

The infected skin look so raw and swollen and scary - I went to see a TCM.. which I think the medication kinda trigger hives (having this and this all over my body!) ... it's quite common for me la, because I have hives on and off for weeks every few months! But this time... the condition is so series,( except my face)... my whole body was cover in it!! VERY ugly and super itchy!

Few days back.. I noticed a little dry bump along my lash line on my left eye (link)... this is quite common as it will go away afew hours.. but this time t didn't and it got worse.

For the pass few days ... I've tried new sunscreen, new eyecream, cleanser and touch sunflower... so ONE of them is the cause!!!!! But since it mainly popped out around the eyes areas.. I think it may be the eyecream... but flower pollen maybe the cause too.. since I always touch my eyes!!! Arggg.... every worse things just pop out at the same time!!!!! (since my immune system is kinda mess up cos of the eczema and hives - anything toxin will cause a reaction!)

I hate Eczema, sensitive skin, allergy condition, sinus and all skin related conditions!!!!!

Yesterday, I went to this TCM.. and I have acupuncture and fire needle thingy.. and some medication... now I feel better... skin look slightly better..  I just want this nightmare to be over soon!!

I'm on ban on some foods : egg, peanut, chocolate, seafoods (like prawn, crab, shellfish)... cold drink~

(I still don't have the courage to show the inflammation eczema patches... they look so horrible and everytimes I look at it.. it just made me sad~ )

Hopefully, like the sinseh said.. I will be recovered about 40% in 3 to 4days and took about 2/3 months to get my eczema clear up!! (Keeping my fingers crossed!)

I have been fighting eczema all my life... and if you have any questions... email me/comment.. .I try my best to share my experiences~

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I wanna feel pretty... but HOW can I when I feel so badly inside!
When will this skin issue be over soon!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Peapea, buibui and my makeup randomness

An update of wat I have posted on instagram~ "dogs' edition"

Peapea hurt his back - he pop a vein, so he's very sensitive when we touch his back!

Recoved after a good night sleep
Healthy dog heal faster! (I think.. hehhehe)

The devoted buibui who cannot keep her eyes away from the baby niece~

She's getting more and more hairy and weather is getting hotter... so...

Dah lah~ A trip to the groomer~

So neat and oh so cute la~

Printing out some pics

Kinda like how my skin look lately 
(hydrated.. although I have some break-out on the side of the cheek... heal faster la! haahhaa)

A random lazy meow I spotted at a nearby coffeeshop~

Ariya got me a new cool gear (love love love it!!!)
I want more (#sogreedy)

I start to rotate more different makeup products daily 
(I try to put on makeup daily~)

Got some new stuff to try too

Pop by my beauty blog to see what I'm into lately~

Baby niece

For the pass few weeks, I wanna say I was pretty busy.. BUT when I sit down and think about what I've done... it doesn't seem much!!

Baby niece is quite easy to handle since dad do most of the feeding at night, while in the day.. she hardly cry and sleep all day! So I kinda still doing what I normally do "almost" everyday.. except heading out for stuff! lolx

Anyway, this post gonna be an update of what I've posted on instagram~ If you haven't follow me yet... go follow la~ kekekekeke~

(Feb 24th 2014)

Visiting xiaomei at the Hospital on the next day

Buibui have been very cute and caring.. always keeping an eye on the baby



So cute right~
Well, I know all babies are cute... but some just... erm.... hhhahaha...
Ok la.. everybody will think that their own baby is cuter #istronglyagree ...