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Thursday, June 27, 2013


There are stalkers everywhere... some good... some bad... some weird and some are just an act of obsession!!!

Taryn's Internet Stalker starring my fave "Chester See"

I'm kinda in an obsession mood now for a few youtubers channels that I've followed.. especially their vlogs!!! Stalking their youtube pages for daily update on vlogs~ Who ask them to be so charming, cute, fun with adorable doggies ^_^   Not that I don't have a nice life and cute doggies.. peoples just love what they don't have! lolx :b

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flower my afternoon away~

I fill my life with all things that matter to me~

Wrong time setting!

Lolx, just realised that my blog is on Pacific Time (-8) ... 
Just changed..

Am amazed that it will changed the time/date from my previous entries automatically!
Thumb up for Blogger!!!

Can this be anymore cuter?!?

This never gets old.. melts my heart eveytimes I see this <3


In my dictionary, weird is somewhere between The Good and The Bad
I enjoy being weird!!!

This post is weird~ lolx
Please excuse my nonsense, I'm just feeling bored!

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Lazy Song ... story of my empty brain today!

Today... I feel very blurry... don't feel like doing anything... I'm having a dilemma of choosing to sit down and do nothing or lie down and do nothing!!!  And this "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars are what I'm feeling today


Today I don't feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don't feel like picking up my phone
So leave a message at the tone
'Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything.

I'm gonna kick my feet up
Then stare at the fan
Turn the TV on, throw my hand in my pants
Nobody's gonna tell me I can't

I'll be lounging on the couch,
Just chillin' in my snuggie
Click to MTV, so they can teach me how to dougie
'Cause in my castle I'm the freaking man

Oh, yes I said it
I said it
I said it 'cause I can

Today I don't feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don't feel like picking up my phone
So leave a message at the tone
'Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything

Nothing at all!
Ooh, hoo, ooh, hoo, ooh, ooh-ooh
Nothing at all
Ooh, hoo, ooh, hoo, ooh, ooh-ooh

Tomorrow I'll wake up, do some P90X
Meet a really nice girl, have some really nice sex
And she's gonna scream out: 'This is Great' (Oh my God, this is great)

I might mess around, get my college degree
I bet my old man will be so proud of me
But sorry pops, you'll just have to wait

Oh, yes I said it
I said it
I said it 'cause I can

Today I don't feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don't feel like picking up my phone
So leave a message at the tone
'Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything

No, I ain't gonna comb my hair
'Cause I ain't going anywhere
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
I'll just strut in my birthday suit
And let everything hang loose
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Today I don't feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don't feel like picking up my phone
So leave a message at the tone
'Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything

Nothing at all
Nothing at all
Nothing at all

(Souce from youtube - click on the video over to youtube to see more details)

The random life of Peapea and Buibui - Sleeping edition

Some random pics of Peapea and Buibui
They are soooo cute that I took like a million pics each days! lolx

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Action speak louder then words especially on FAKER!

Your actions speak louder then your fake words!
I don't base my relationships with what I can benefits from each others! (Full stop)

Although, my dad always say.... 
friends are always using each others! I do agree on a certain parts, like I need friends so that I got someone to talk to... to share my problems... accompany me when I lonely... well if this is "using each others" I don't mine at all!! I'm willing to let you make use of me ^_^ (lolx)

I guess, I'm blessed... because fair weather "friends" will auto leave me so that I won't have to make a choice of trying... I normally close one eye or avoid subjects~ (avoid talking about stuff you don't like~)  Avoiding might not be good for any type of relationships... but what to do?!?! I hate creating conflict. (I know some say they hate confrontation... but isn't creating conflict is a form of making confrontation? I will sure want an explaination.. if it's involve me)

I simply hate that I cannot be 100% in front of anyone.. just cause they don't like certain part of me...

100% doesn't means I have to tell you everything.... it just means I can be comfortable being with you without having to "think twice" of what I'm saying.. cos we knew each others well that we know it doesn't means anything offensive!

When I comfortable with someone.. I will be very relax and say whatever I wanna say.. .I pretty straight forwards...  I won't try to be another person.... I'm don't fake myself up so that other ppls will like me! (If I'm not too close with you.. I'm normally pretty shy~ lolx me shy.. what do to.. I'm born that way! Hahahahhaa)

I also don't get it why I have to tell YOU everythings... 
some stuff I don't wish to share ... 
especially when stuff doesn't involve YOU!!!!!

I can do million stuff in a day.. but I choose to tell YOU one.. just cause YOU asked... I don't feel the need to report everything to you... 

So in your mindset... if  I never tell you, it just means that I'm lying?!?!!?
(What a stupid and childish behavious!!!!! You act like an idiot!!!)

I don't lie (I don't find there's a need to lie anyway)... I just never say... I don't even tell my sisters or parents my each and every moves.....  I just don't get it why I have to tell YOU everything when you ask??

OK, this is just a random fussing.. 
I'm just dumping everything I'm not happy with "friendships"!!
This is not based on ONE person..... I guess, I do have a certain magnet that always attract the same type of "Peoples" ....(Need to phase this part ... because I know someone  LOVE to assume !!!)

I think I should trust my instinct... cos what they are will always be what they are...

I don't wanna have another friends that base their friendship on priority or benefits... Who are you that I have to give you the priority or any benefits?!?! 

I give, I bring, I smile, I say, I love ...
cos I want to.. not because I have to....

Priority = Family

Monday, June 17, 2013

Music : 傷心的人別聽慢歌(貫徹快樂)by Mayday 五月天

I can't wait to get their latest album... with this awesome song 傷心的人別聽慢歌 (Sad peoples don't listen to slow songs)


詞/曲:五月天 阿信

你哭的太累了 你傷的太深了 你愛的太傻了
你哭的就像 是末日 要來了 OH~

所以你聽慢歌 很慢很慢的歌 聽得心如刀割
是不是應該 換一種 節奏了 OH~

誰是對的 誰是錯的 誰是誰非 誰又虧欠誰了
反正錯了 反正輸了 反正自己 陪自己快樂

我不管 你是誰的 誰是你的 我是我的
讓心跳 動次動次 動次動次 感覺活著

我不管 站著坐著 躺著趴著 都要快樂
讓音樂 動次動次 動次動次 快要聾了

不管了 不想了 不等了 不要不快樂 傷心的人別聽慢歌

人生分分合合 愛情拉拉扯扯 一路曲曲折折
我還是期待 明日的 新景色 OH~

憤青都釋懷了 光棍都戀愛了 悲劇都圓滿了
每一段爭執 都飛出 和平鴿 OH~

不管了 不想了 不等了 此時和此刻 不得不去貫徹快樂
不管了 不想了 不等了 不要不快樂 傷心的人別聽慢歌

Love this song so much.. and the lyrics is awesome!!!! <3<3<3

Monday, June 10, 2013

Beanstro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Serves Up Breakfast Specials at Takashimaya Shopping Center

Recently, Beanstro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® launched a series of four delectable breakfast specials exclusively at the Beanstro Takashimaya S.C. to give urban taste buds a tantalizing treat early in the day.

Consisting of Egg Beef Patty, Egg Florentine, Egg Salmon & Asparagus and Egg Royale, each of the Beanstro’s Breakfast Specials adds a new depth of flavor and freshness to familiar breakfast classics, to prime the body to face the challenges of any busy day.

Will be spoilt for options with each Beanstro Special. All sets are teamed with an ensemble of two poached eggs served on two slices of crispy toasts and fresh tomatoes and greens to satisfy every craving.  
Egg Beef Patty 
pleases meaty appetites

Egg Florentine
delights with rich flavors

Egg Royale
extends the sweet freshness of rolled-up salmon slices

 Egg Salmon & Asparagus
refreshes with bite-size asparagus

Known for providing unpretentious, comforting breakfast menus, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® seeks to ignite more senses with its new breakfast creations at Beanstro, the second of two outlets in the world offering full-fledged table service. 

Combining the goodness of beef or salmon with fresh greens, all four creations have been thoughtfully designed to suit every culinary and nutritional need.

Beanstro’s Breakfast Special is exclusively available at the Beanstro outlet at Takashimaya S.C, #B1-37, only from 6 May to 31 July 2013. 

  • Egg Beef Patty  - SD$13
  • Egg Florentine  - SD$12.50
  • Egg Salmon & Asparagus  - SD$14
  • Egg Royale -  SD$13.50 
All prices are subject to 10% service charge and prevailing government taxes.