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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Movie Review : The terminators

The terminators

This movie suck BIG TIME... just the first few minutes into the movie.. I already got bored!!! The story just happened out of nowhere... messy concept... and not really interesting at all!!! (I lazy to copy the synopsis here.... and I don't want you(everyone who read my blog) to see this movie (Just forget that I mention about it!)

OH boy... what worse was that the charaters wre not even nice to look at(their acting sucks too)! And what happened to Jeremy London?!?!? He use to be cute (or is his brother?)

At first I thought this is the 4th movie of Terminator and felt cheated when I watching it(cos I love all the past 3 movies!) then I found out that this was another movie (a TV movie... totally not related to the "Terminator" movie saga.. just using the robots concept!) Phew~ I was so relief! lolx... (I should search about this movie before watching... I wasted my 90mins watching craps!)

My Rating: 0/10
This is the lowest rating I have ever given!!! lolx

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