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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Foods : TANG Hong Kong Gourmet


Recently Verlyn ask me along to a food tasting session, My first "blogger's" food tasting session (I have some experiences in food tasting before because my dad's a chef.. so... Kekekeke)

Food testing session @ TANG Hong Kong Gourmet Cafe

A cozy little family restaurant cafe...
The cafe doesn't feel stuffy from all the cooking(good ventilation) and the spacing between each tables were placed in comfortable distance... I like~ cos I don't like "crowded" eating places (sometimes, I find "some" Starbuck tables are way too close together that make me feel a wee bit uncomforable!!!)

Served with a huge glass of icy cool Pink guava drink.(Refreshing~)

First dish - Appetizer -
Fusion creamy celery soup - Not bad... soup feel creamy and smooth.

Spicy Coconut milk prawnsThis taste abit too sweet+salty for my liking (just personal preference) - I still prefer cereal or salted egg prawns. The prawn have a nice crunchy chewy texture.

(Note: I'm not a sweet tooth person - but if a dish was meant to be sweet.. I do enjoy it.
Eg: Sweet sour pork - I do love the rich tomatoes sweetness)

Close up on the prawns...

2nd appetizers
Pekin duck skin roll/wrap
I never really like pekin duck .. so I got no say on this!

The egg wrap was mildy sweet(can taste the eggs)...  duck skin wasn't too crisp.

Spicy Deep Fry White Bait
A nice snack bite - doesnt taste fishy at all.

Steam fish head with chilli and garlic sauce
At one look this look like the Thai's sweet and sour fish hea.

The fish meat was really tender, smooth and soft (quite fresh) but the sauce... doesn't taste much like the Thai sweet and sour sour.(Again, due to personal preference - I don't like the sauce.)

Deep fried pork belly

Steam spicy salted black beans (fermented black soybeans aka Douchi) baby lobsters.
This dish only cost SD$9.90.
This is abit salty, I prefer natural flavour lobsters (just bake butter)

Hong Kong Crispy Noodle with shredder Duck
Again, abit too salty, but can be request for less salt.

Double Boiled Papaya with White Fungus

All prices -  nett prices - (No GST and Service charge)

Check out their facebook page

TANG Hong Kong Gourmet
Address: 116 Neil Road Singapore 088853 (Next to AIA Tanjong Pagar)
Contact Numbers: 6438 4762

P/S: OOps... realized that I put the wrong watermark!!!