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Thursday, November 28, 2013


Finally, after sleeping like forever the day before... I feels better and much alive~

I just feel really tired, aching, headaches and super sleepy all day~ NO mood for anything even my fave watching dramas/Tv or anything!

Now... I feel alive and fun~ Gosh... so many things piling up waiting for me to clear~


Sunday, November 24, 2013

The couple Peapea and buibui

Both freshly groomed days before these pics, they look neat and oh so cute... oh well.. they never have a moment of not being cute.. THEY ARE MINE... of course cute la~ Kekekekek :b

I push them close together.. so they are givng me this "what are you trying to do" stare~

Peapea getting all sleepy when I trying to take more pics later that day~ (night time)
Buibui always so ONz... always ready for me to play with her ^_^

Some some of pics I have posted on my instagram *follow me Please* kekekeke