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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Why we only got 100 year or less?

Why do we only live around 75-90+ on average?? Personally I find that this is a really really short period of time for a person to learn about themselves ... I'm in my mid 30s and I still have no idea what I want in my live.

I know I'm lazy but when I put my heart into something, I will be the most hardworking person you've ever met! But there isn't much stuff that interests me that MUST to turn me into a workaholic these days.

I don't like meeting NEW peoples (it's hard to admit but it scares me a lot.. I can be very open about things, laugh and joke about it with family and friends that I'm close with.. but when I meet someone new... it's sooo hard for me to open up!! I can't talk and think when I'm around new peoples!

Lately, I have been thinking about a lot of stuff... I know I know quite a bit of stuff (kinda know a little of everything) but not good enough to be Pro.

I enjoy

Art (drawing)

Singing (I think I(anyone) can be good if I(they) practise a lot.. but I'm lazy and I don't sing often to train my vocal cord enough)

Writing (I'm suck at it.. but I super love the feel of writing)

I love typing (the joy when my fingers hiting the keyboard)

Piano (I wanna learn but never really start learning)

Swimming (I was once pretty good.. then I got fat and eczema on my knees have keep me around from my swimsuit!! If only we can swim in T-shirt and tights)

I have been thinking maybe I should start learning Math again... I love the idea of solving question
Drawing.. I havent hold a pencil for ages and I guess maybe I can start doing it again?

I think this gonna takes me a while to figure things out...
I seriously have no idea what interests me anymore!!!