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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Maybe I should call this a dogs' blog

I think I tend to post pics of Peapea and Buibui more so then blogging about reviews and random stuff about my random life~

Although most of the pics I shared on the blog were pics that I've already shared on my instagram (too cute to wait! lolx...) But I do post some that wasn't on IG!!

Anyway... I simply love them too much that I have to let them be apart of everything I do.... kekeke <3

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Canon EOS M

Finally, stop browsing around and get Canon EOS M!

I chose the red color instead of black or silver (the white only available in kit  III... so can't choose that!)

Anyway... hopefully I have many years of good times with this baby!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Oh my Samsung EX2f Camera

Last Wednesday.. I kinda semi dropped my camera when it's on shooting mood ... can't remember much as I was carrying quite a number of bags in a crowded room - someone knocked me and my camera just let go (hahahha)

Now, the len just don't wanna do back in.. and it kept saying "zoom error" ....
I didn't get extended warrenty.. and it's been about 2 yrs old...

I've tried all means to get it start working.... hahahha...
Still trying... if I can't do anything... it's time for me to do some googling and watching tons of intro/review youtube (which I've been doing since Thurs!!)

Canon EOS M, Samsung NX2000 or Nikon 1 J series....
Loving everything on Samsung..... BUT I don't feel like getting A Samsung... hmmm... if only the Samsung NX2000 is pack into a Canon.. .that would be match made in Heaven for ME!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Researching eczema, immune system

I have been doing alot of researching on eczema (which is this on going.. I like search and read about articles on eczema every other days...) but lately, I have been googling about "Immune system" "diet for eczema skin condition" and "inflammation."

So.. most of the stuff, I've read.. I have been doing it lately...
  • like sleep early (ok.. this is abit fail for this week.. as I go to bed quite late....AGAIN.. blame it on the Kdrama)
  • do more exercises (I go for 2 hrs walk everyday.. except last week(I know... maybe this is the reason why my eczema flare up recently!!)
  • eat more fruits
  • Less foods source belong to irritant foods
    Peanut, seafoods, chocolate, egg, beans and ects...
So after reading a few articles... I found out the hot tea is quite good for the skin... maybe I should drink more!!! I going to brew a tall cup of green tea later (replacing my coffee intake with tea!!!)

My "Cool Gear" tumbler are not heat friendly.... I should get one that I can pour tea in!!!

I should be updating all this skin-condition information over at my beauty blog... but I find that these are abit too much for many who don't have this kind of experiences... (maybe I should put a link that to all my eczema related posts!)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Diet plan

From the very first TCM Sinseh I see at West Coast (which cost me about SD$82)... told me to avoid foods like Chocolate, egg, peanut, seafoods(prawn, crab, shellfish..ects).. so after a week, my medication finished and I got hives all over my body!!! (Neck, arms, armpits, legs, back, tummy and my butts!!!)

I didn't go back to her.. so after a few weeks, my sister ask me to go see the sinseh at Chinatown (which should be pretty GOOD.. )

"According to the Chinatown Sinseh... the medication has nothing to cause all the hives.. it's my immune system.. which triggers the hives! So... to ease and build up my immuse system.. I'm going to avoid certain foods and ects!

I got better.. really better... have been going back every week for acuputure and fire needles (I don't really enjoy it... yet it feel so good on the itchy spot.. especially on the ezcema patches...)

The sinseh advise not to take seafoods .. especially prawn... he didn't say anything about chocolate, egg nor peanut... but I still avoid it! Oh... and also try to avoid high protein foods and cold stuff(cold drink... ice... ects)

As of today... I have another case of itch flare up... on my feet (I think mainly cos I go and apply tiger balm and it itch like hell... scratch until all so swollen and ugly!!!)

Anyway... I going to stop myself from eating "chicken" (cos we all say when we have wound or skin condition.. we should avoid chicken... so... No chicken for me!!)

I donno why... I didn't crave for anything except chocolate ice-cream...

I hope I can keep up... since I'm not a huge fan of Chicken... but I do enjoy steam chicken, fried chicken and korean spicy chicken.... but if I saw beef or pork.. I will opt for those then chicken(lolx)

OK.. I should stop here.. cos I donno what I talking about now.. hahaha.. sleepy~

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Random updating

If you have been following me on instagram, you may have seen all these pictures before.. but then again, I really enjoy showing them "EVERYWHERE" lolx

No matter what they do.. they all look so cute and love in my eyes

Awww~ devoted Buibui

Playing with my sis's doll.... hahahaha...

Love love love Peapea big fat nose~

Peapea and buibui photobombing the pic!!
I didn't know that Johnson & Johnson got this Milk and Rich range!! 
(As a "rice" lover... I NEED to try it!!!)
This Crandma Minnie's The Big, Brave Boo-Boo balm from VMV is LOVE 
(good on super dry and flakey skin!)

The Limited Edition of ORBIS Petit shake is yummy

New fave fragrance from Jimmy Choo (love the sweetness~)

New love!!!!
Daryl from Walking Dead!!!

Have been so busy lately.. they I don't seem to have good focus or concentration on anything... woke up early (trying to get back to normal healthy sleep pattern).. go for a long walk (at least 1.5hrs)... eat... play with the baby(help out... I means even if I'm just standing there staring at the baby)....

Or and not forgetting about taking care of my eczema outbreak - it is getting better.. BUT I need extra care NOT to scratch them... it's really hard to "control".... I still visit the TMC to have acuputure and fire needle weekly (painful BUT worth it!)

Baby Ginny is getting more and more active... which means less boring time and relaxing time.... but my dad do most of the work at night (so he must be really tiring.. so we try to take over and let him rest in the day).

Taking care of a baby is not an easy chores!!!!

淘汰 by 陈奕迅

我说了所有的谎 你全都相信
简单的我爱你 你却老不信
你书里的剧情 我不想上演
因为我喜欢 喜剧收尾

我试过完美放弃 的确很踏实
醒来了 梦散了 你我都走散了
情歌的词何必押韵 就算我是K歌之王
也不见得把 爱情唱得完美

只能说我输了 也许是你怕了
我们的回忆没有皱摺 你却用离开烫下句点
只能说我认了 你的不安赢得你信任

我试过完美放弃 的确很踏实
醒来了 梦散了 你我都走散了
情歌的词何必押韵 就算我是K歌之王
也不见得把 爱情唱得完美

只能说我输了 也许是你怕了
我们的回忆没有皱摺 你却用离开烫下句点
只能说我认了 你的不安赢得你信任

只能说我输了 也许是你怕了
我们的回忆没有皱摺 你却用离开烫下句点
只能说我认了 你的不安赢得你信任

Love the lyrics so much~