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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Movie Review: Harry Potter and the half-blood prince

Went to see Harry Potter on Saturday at Tiong Bahru Plaza(why? Cos all the other cinema around evening time slots were all almost full! And TBP one offer the best seats when I booked online on friday)

SO meet xiaomei at Central with Aiyaa (xiaomei off work at 3pm)... then we all went over to Tiong Bahru Plaze for dinner before movie.

We had Sakae Sushi (DOn't like the service.. very slow and I think the waiters and waiteress pretent not to see us by running around doing nothing!!! lolx

We took some goofy photo while waiting for our foods... yes we waited for so long!! lolx

We were playing around!! lolx... we are doing the 3 wise monkeys!

xiaomei bring her doll to movie!!!

sista love... nice but blurry =(

aiyaa and xiaomei

We sees you....

Walk walk around TBP before heading to the cinema for some HP loves! lolx.... It almost full.. luckily we got our tickets early! lolx....

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Hmm.... I don't really like or dislike this movie... talk too much and abit too random! And with the title called "Half-blood prince"... it tell so little about it!!

And towards the end.. when Harry use one of the "Half Blood Prince" spells on "not telling you who"... his just snap back saying... "trying to use my spell on me, I'm the half blood prince"! Just like that without any more explaintation!!!! HUH?!?!?!

And we learn so little about Tom Riddle... which I heard that this movie are all about learning the Voldemort's pass!!! Maybe we get more answers on the next movie(which would be release on 2010 and 2011(they break the last book into 2 movies!)

But I do find that this movie was funnier then the pass 5 movies! lolx especially Dumbledore(the ending was so sad though)!

Anyway... I don't mine watching it... if I didn't I will keep thinking about it! lolx.. now I can relax and really enjoying those actions and horror movies that are coming soon!!!!! YEah!

Oh... on good side note::
I didn't buy anything except ELLE magazine ^__^ Yeah on starting to spend less money plan!!! lolx

Channing Tatum - hotties - random - movies

Gossip Time Part 2

I forgot to add these sexy guys into the first post... I found this in my harddisc... have been saving it and I totally forgot about it! lolx

Channing Tatum Does ‘GQ’ Magazine
He just married!! Congrat!
I can't wait to see G.I.Joe and Fighting

Photobucket fail me.. so I'm using flickr =(

See fans made poster of New Moon (I really like it that Dakota Fanning is Jane in the movie!!)
Totally match the description in the moon.. can't wait to see New Moon!!!!
You know.. I might know any news about New Moon (cos I tried not to read much about the making and story behine it... cos I wanna get surprise when I'm seeing the movie!
(Too much disappointment from Twilight already!)

Pic have been PSed by fan using Dakota Cap's CF

The werewolves
Sam, Jared, Paul and Embry!!
Not as big sizes as I thought they gonna big...

Our new logo/icon for drsaru

Have been revamping aiyaa say she prefer the black background... so there go all my free time.. lolx (Which remind me that I still need to pack drsaru stuff! lolx)

OK... next entry would be about the movie outing on last saturday!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

[Music] Hush Hush by The Pussycat dolls

So loving this song!!!

Had a mix of the "I will survive" and it mash into the song soooooo well!!! Love it!!!

movie, random, gossip

Gossip time!!!
I start reading back my fave gossip bloggers last month... around the time MJ went to Heaven =(

OH boy, I have missed out so many fun gossips, news on new movies, cute celebrities day in day out, their ins and outs fashions and most importantly... sexy guys!!!

I donno what I have been doing lately...
Thinking about momo??
Playing with(what I have left now) my precious peapea and buibui????
Thinking about what to get for my bbf?????? ... I sound so cheesy calling my close friends "bbf" waahhahaa... but that the price to pay for being the IT chic wahahahahahaa........................................................ Pwned!

Anyway back to the subject... sexy guy ^___^

Remember Alex O'Loughlin? (The sexy vampire in Moonlight)... he's filming a new movie with J LO called The back-up plan

OOH... he look so cute in short hair ^.^ sexy! I can't wait for this movie.. I don't care and don't need to know what this movie is about... I see JLO(pretty), Alex O'Loughlin(sexy), Pregnant woman and the title Back-Up plan... I smell a romance comedy ^__^ I have to see it!!! (I love cheesy movies!! lolx)

Anyone see any more pics of Alex rocking this new-dos??? Show me the links and let's drool together ^__^


OK this is not in my list of sexy guy... I just find him interesting! wahahhaha...
His face always have this shocking looks (lolx) and always wearing tons of foundation...
Anyway.. he look better with this new hair cut!
More fresh compare to the messy somewhat long hair! Agree?
And his face not as cakey as before! (lolx... Efron's fans... no offence)

MOvies talk!

Alice in the wonderland (I can't wait for this movie)
Who would want to miss seeing Johnny Depp wearing tons of makeup, raise your hand!!!

The Final Destination(aka final destination 4) would be in cinema on 27 August 2009(baba birthday!!!)
This is one of my most fave horror movie series!!! I can't wait for it, and this time.. the horror happened at the race-tracks!!!! Exciting!!

The Murderer
when I saw the poster of this movie at Tiong Bahru Plaza today... I didn't know it was Aaron Kwok!!! Man he's face is creepy!! Good!!!

Horror=LOVE Aaron= LOVE... so Aaron+Horror = Double LOVEs <3<3<3 (wahahahaa)

Sorority Row
High School, popular bitchy girls, someone die plus revenge = LOVE
Check out the trailer here

Shutter Island by Leonardo DiCaprio!!
Mystery thriller movie!!! trailer

Orphan (Showing soon in local cinema!)
Creepy little girl!! FUn! lolx
Watch the trailer here

H2: Halloween 2
click click for the trailer

A Perfect Getaway
Milla Jovovich + beach + sea + psychopaths + game + killing = Interesting!!!

Man... I will be so loving the fall this year!! Not only MAC come out with very interesting eyeshadows colors(LOVE) and there's a bunch of horror(Double LOVE) movies!! Now who want to see which one with me in cinema?? (And for those who can join me... cos of the sea that keep us apart... we can share reviews and thoughts ^__^)

Beside I notice that whenever I listed out a list of movies I wanna see in cinema... I always end up watching the DVD instead =( Hopefully I got to see most of it!!(I know Aiyaa would be in for it!)

I watched Harry Potter, The half-blood prince today (18july2009 sat) ... yawning~ no action at all!!! FAIL!! (anyway, will blog about this in another entry)

I also make plan to see G.I.Joe,(been waiting for this movie for a year now...since the release of the promo pics!!!) with my family.. yes whole family ^__^

Saturday, July 11, 2009

[Movie Review] Princess Protection Program

Princess Protection Program

When Princess Rosalinda(Demi Lovato) is about to become queen of her country of Costa Luna, the country is invaded by an evil dictator. She is put into the Princess Protection Program, a secret organization funded by royal families that looks after endangered princesses. Rosalinda is taken under the wing of Mason Verica, an agent in the PPP from rural Louisiana. While there, she meets his daughter, Carter(Selena Gomez),who works at the local bait shop.
Carter dreams of going to the school dance with her crush, Donny, Adamson, the school hottie. In becoming a normal teenager, Rosalinda takes up the name Rosie and soon becomes popular at school; which Carter must learn to handle. Although the ups and downs, the two form a tight bond and become close friends, with Carter teaching Rosie to become a normal American girl, and Rosie helping Carter to find her inner princess.

I always love Disney movies... cos it always cute, relaxing, sweet and very simple!
This movie however was not that exciting.. but still fun to watch.

Just like the synopsis... the movie is about Princess Rosalinda have to hide away from evil dictator who trying to take over her little country.. so the agent from PPP who happened to be Carter's (Selena Gomez) dad... so the story of a fall out princess living together with a a normal teenage American girl.

Oh and this movie.. they have this asian girl as a popular girl in the school (which is pretty cool.. ) thought I kinda wish to pull out her hair (she's that annoying! lolx)

A good story with a good meansing... very suitable for youngsters ^_^

Thursday, July 9, 2009

[Movie Review] House of Fear

I think ... this doesn't consider as a review.. cos I got nothing to "review" lolx :b

House of Fears

The night before a local haunted house opens for Halloween, six friends sneak in for a few hours of fun. Soon after entering, they find themselves trapped inside with no way out. Their evening of fun rapidly turns into their worst nightmare as they begin to die and disappear in the most freakish of manners. With every effort to escape blocked, the survivors find themselves being driven deeper into the carnivalesque world of terror. Unable to tell what is real and what is counterfeit, they must trust one another, even if it kills them.

Hmm... the movie not really refreshing nor interesting.... have seen alot of similar movies with curse statue of fears (dead and ects)... In other words I have seen better and this is not even consider good/nice and fun movie to watch. (I think you can pass this movie... if you want something exciting and interesting which give you a good scare!)

But if you a supernatural fans like me ^___^ there's a catch.. you got to see a few glimpse of Jared Padalecki. He only appear like a few seconds at the beginning of the movie!