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Monday, January 20, 2014


Dealing with presumption being is like trying to reason with hexenbiest

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A simple life

Lately... apart from all the hectic load of blog posts waiting for me to blog (edit and ects)... I think my life was kinda boring for others but very interesting for me and my gang(my doggies of-course)

We find (I should said "I") that little random things like a piece of ribbon quite fascinating... I always use random little things to play with my doggies... ermmm..... well... they might find me nuisance cos I never ask for their permission! Hahahahaha...

So here's what I do with a red ribbon that was lying around my room~

I think Buibui was saying... it's better without the "red" thingy~ hahahhaa

And I finally find sometimes to meet up with Fa and his doggies "Miimii" (I called her that... ) her name is Brownie (thats what his sister calling this little darling)

She is getting so BIG!!!! About the same size but alittle bit longer that my late momo~ (momo also poodle~ I miss my momo~)

Olright~ beside hanging out with my doggies... I kinda eat non-stop... my sister made me some chocalate pancake the other days and now I craving for guacomole again!!!! Going to make some tomorrow (once the avocado riped~)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I find ultra-sound scanning quite fascinating
2 more months to go - everyone is excited!


Sunday, January 12, 2014


For the first 2 weeks of 2014 (and this very moment) - my life is all about "Doctor.... Doctor Who"... yes... I keep looking out the window and hope that I will see that blue blue box! Wahahahahahah ....



The moment I wake up (if I didn't have places to go).. I will on the TV and start my day with it..... which cut down alot of my online time! I spend like an hour online just for blogging (sometimes a bit longer if the stuff I wanna blog is a bit too "heavy" in content). And on days I totally never go online! lolx

The online time are mostly blogging + youtube + googled about the history of "Doctor Who"!! (Too sick, I'll say)

Seriously, I totally have love/hate feeling with obsession because I don't have time for other stuff.

The only good things was that I'm still pretty clear headed that I put my Peapea and Buibui first (and my family of-course)...  spend good amount of time playing with them, feeding them and do whatever they ask me to do (which is mostly opening doors and retrieving toys.)

Like always... I know that when I obsess about a tv show... I simply cannot stop!!

Eg ::  I used to be so obsessed with "House" and I thought I will be devastated when the series come to an end... and surprisingly I'm not!!! (Because 2 yrs have passed and I didn't miss it! lolx)

House leave a very deep impression on me about "Lies" (which explained my recent post about "Lies").  He has a strong belief that everybody lies be it good, bad, willingly or not! Human just cannot help themselves when it comes to lying! (Quite true... I simple love him for being means, angry and funny all the time! lolx)

I guess watching each season once or twice per year ... kinda dilute the "obsession" ~
But look at that charming face~ "melts~"

Another obsession - Supernatural!
Supernatural Season 9 just start a couple months ago - and I refrain myself from watching 
I wanna wait till I have all the eps of season 9 first (because once I start I can't stop!)
Right now they stop at mid-season and the "waiting period" is tormenting me!

I seriously hope Dean won't be going anywhere!
I will cry!! Seriously!!! I means it!!! 
(Long Live Supernatural - I wanna grow old with you! hahhahaa)

Anyway... the point of this post is to mark the new phase of my life ..... the moment that I go completely head over heel with a series. I don't get obsessed easily on most stuff.. except TV shows (series)!!! They ruin my "time" !!!!

DOCTOR WHO!!! You are my devil!!!!!

I will be starting another set of new series soon and hopefully I won't be as crazy as this "Doctor" (lolx)... If I don't the post drama/series symotom will drive me crazy!!!!!!!!


TV shows, movies, dramas and books always got me thinking.. well... bascially the foundation of this blog is all about fiction - Things I talked about are mostly things I see, read or heard about from TV, books and movies.  Trying to mix fiction and my life together - it's like a way to make myself learn more about myself. (Get it?? ^,~)

My dad always say - what have you learned from the movie, tv shows or books that I've read and watched... He even ask me what I have learned from the game that I've played!!!!  He will like if you watch TV without thinking.. your brain never "work"..  I guess the habit of trying to explain/review developed from then. 

Anyway, I should go back to editing pictures - so that I got more time for TV (Kekekekeke~)

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Friday, January 10, 2014

That's my belief NOW!

This have been taking over my life
Eat, breath, talk, think and dreams about it!!!!!

Now I know why peoples are so obsessed about it!
And why Ming kept talking about it
And why many many many years ago... I stop myself from starting it!

Because who knows me better?
ME! wahahahahahahahhaaa

I'm glad that I've joined the club!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


How can you define a lie is actually a lie? 
Most peoples just think that others are lying because that person didn't say or do that very thing you want them to! 

(Unless it's crime related - lying is just another word that come out of the mouth)

Personally, I don't mind friends lying to me... it just made me think that they are scare/worried/care about me enough to lie... else.. why lies? 

I normally look away if I care - cos there always a reason behind each lies, so I respect their choices. As long as I know what I'm doing and trusting with... A little lies by someone I care about doesn't hurt much. I have faith in peoples... be it good or bad... it's a choice I made.

From my knowledge - peoples lie because they are lack of confident about themselves so they lie to themselves by lying to others (So to sum it up... who are they fooling with? "Themselves" and I respect that!) 

BUT being honest and lying are quite different in my dictionary~

You can be honest and lying at the same time... 
if you get what I means You will know how I feels~

I'm ok with lying doesn't means you can cheat on ME
In a romantic relationship- I cannot tolerate lies (but if you have a reason and needed to lie... if it's white lies... I can close one eye...(The "white" part is another whole level of "definition"! lolx...
Quite complex.. (I know! hahahaa)

Well... that's me~
I really do not know how I will feel until I'm face to face with it... right NOW.. I'm just speaking of what I feel at this very moment.. unless you are so special that I can look pass everythings.