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Friday, March 22, 2013

Toying with peapea

One random boring afternoon~

A rabbit that ariya bring home from "Build-A-bear" she said.. it look like Peapea...

The dog house at the background is from "Build-A-Bear" ... 
just got it for the sake of playing with Peapea~ lolx

We put on the "Build-A-Bear" dress on peapea! lolx

Goofying around with ariya mushroom ~

Something's somethings...

It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not.

by:Andre Gide

Friday, March 15, 2013

我爱你 by 卢广仲

Falling in love with this song all over again!!!!!!!!!!
All thanks to Mr Hsiao!!!!!

Heard so many versions of this song... and his version still the best (I means, not so workup nor too mild type of "fustration") ..

Oh, I totally dig the rock version I heard sometimes ago...
A "rock" version ... Which made me go ...  OMGosh I Will run back to you type of hardcore cheese ball version! kekeke ~ melts~ hahahahaa)

Written by (词曲):卢广仲

曾 曾经在我眼前

我爱你 快回到 我身边

好不好 好不好 好不好
不知道 不知道 不知道

好不好 好不好 好不好
不知道 不知道 不知道

太阳公公出来了 他对我呀笑呀笑
我爱你 你知不知道 

曾经在我眼前 却又消失不见
电影里的配乐 好像你的双眼
我爱你 快回到 我身边 

好不好 好不好 好不好
不知道 不知道 不知道
太阳公公出来了 他对我对对我对我
笑呀笑 我爱你 你知不知道
曾经在我眼前 却又消失不见
电影里的配乐 好像你的双眼
我爱你 快回到 我身边
太阳公公出来了 他对我呀
笑呀笑 我爱你 你知不知道
曾经在我眼前 却又消失不见
电影里的配乐 好像你的双眼
我爱你 快回到 我爱你 快回到
我爱你 快回到 我身边

Monday, March 11, 2013

Just another random Sunday night

This is one of the random stuff we I normally do when we are I'm bored on a Sunday night...

Playing with fish eye len function on my camera!! 
Oh, check out buibui new shave! (looking good!)

Me walking around the house disturbing everyone!!!!! 
kekekekkeke :b

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Beach outing~

Yesterday, we popped by Sentosa beach... I didn't know that it changes alot(ok...havent been to a beach for ages) Not so fun now with all the "commercial" building around and blocking most of the beach for "business"

Anyway, after brunch... we headed over to Giant and shopping some snacks and drinks for picnic on the beach! Next time.. we should stick to more korean bbq (cooked foods) and buy alot of drinks... Hahhaha... abit wasted(on some of the snack that we can't finish!)

 Ming photoboming with her bbq~
Korean style! hahahahaa

Just sunblock (New biore water essence sunblock) with a light dust over of Heroine Made mineral BB in shade 01

And on my whole body.. Nivea Sun invisible protection transparent spray SPF 50!

Ming and I ... being a  very "serious" bloggers ... we bring "some" products over to the beach and took some "pictures" hahahaha.... hopefully it turn out nice~

Pro trying to take pics by the water ... hahhaha .. scary much!

After a few hours on the beach.. we decided to check out Fort Siloso~

Ariyaaaaaa spotted a heart shade leave~

She got cannon !!! Wahahaha 
(we are soooo lame for enjoying the lame meme on fb that we try to "follow" lolx)

Stop calling me ajumma!!!!!

 The surrender chamer

Saw a baby peacock following mummy around.... sooo cute!

Ended out day with some Texas Chicken... Hmmm... so so only~
And their mashed potatoes (Bleh~ not nice)

Fun and very tiring outing... love it...

A very full, fun and tiring week 
(I did it.. I didn't spend alot of my time by computer!!! ^__^ )

Those were the days....

I'm soooooooooooooooooo sleeply now.. but donno why I'm still doing here!
(Should stop shifting some of the older blog posts on livejournal and get some sleep NOW)

Life have been soooooo simple it feel kinda boring...

I kinda spend most of my time with my family, peapea and buibui ... just doing nothing special!!
Life surrounding with loves... and I like it ...  simple and nothing else.

OH and not forgetting my love for movies and dramas~~~
I can't stop watching "Flower boys next door" so cute, simple and oh soooo cheesy! Hahahaha

YSY dont ever lift up your bangs.. 
(your brows look too serious for your cute face! lolx)

Awwww cute la!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lately, I have been WOW and feel kinda sick of myself when I realised how much time I spend by the computer!!!

So I make a list almost everyday to see what I do the moment I log online (Yes.. I write it down on a piece of papaer.. "the time I changed platform and amount of time spent on each platform"!!!)

I need to change the bad habit!!!!!! It's NOT healthy!!!! I need more time to connect with "real" live action peoples, dogs and everythings else!!!!!!

But being a crazy blogger (I simple love to blog... from diaryland to livejournal to onsugar to blogspot...) blogging is a form of me "trying" to do somethings! Wahahahaha (Hmmm... contradicting!!)

So here what I normally do when I log online...  (almost everyday uniformly)
  •  Check emails
  •  Youtube comedy, singing, music videos and cooking channels!! (Maybe 1-3 makeup related videos per week)
  •  log on to facebook to see kawaii pics of doggies, cats, "animals", random funny pics/videos and maybe read some "tags"  (I just aimlessly scrolling down my feeds.... very boring but addicting.. maybe I should stop logging on facebook for while.. cos all those cute pics are wasting alot of my "online time" lolx ... )

I read afew ppls complaining about facebook changing their privacy and setting... hmm... too lazy to check.... (I should do it when I more free, more awake or more focus.. dont wanna have major error... #speakfromexperiences !!)

Latey have been too lazy to bother about anything.. my concentration level fail me to the next level!!! Hahahaha...  sian la!!! And especially NOW... when ming told me "certain" someone keep posting "insects" images.. yuck!!! I better stay off.. don't wanna see it on my feed!!!!!

  •  Blogging/shifting/editing/importing (kills alot of my online time!!!)
  •  edit pics maybe (yeah maybe maybe....... maybe...  )

That's about it.. I didn't do anything... I means the only hardworking thing I do was my own blog(s) (shifting and editing tags and links)

I spend about 5 to 6 hrs(maybe more online doing nothing! lolx)



I seriously need to change my lifestyle (Just abit...)
And I did.. check out what I do this week~

Last week...
My dear sister la.. spread her virus everywhere... caught the flu bug from her (You know.. when I got flu it's like 10X more serious that normal flu!!! Blame it on my sinus la!!!)

So I took the flu pills that my sister got from Guardain.. power sia~ make me sleep all day... 
Sleep around 3/4am on saturday (should be am liao la "Sunday sunday la") woke up around 3pm.. eat and do nothing for about an hour... mum have been waiting for me to wake up so she can watch horror movie with me!! (We always watch horror movie in my room together on Sunday!!! ^_^)

So I watch movie with her.. but after 10mins into the movie... I ZzzzzZ ZZzzzzZZZzzzzZ ZZzzzzzzzz.......... till 12midnight (!!!!!!!!!!!!)... 

Eat my dinner/supper... feed peapea and buibui (poor doggies... they sleep all day with me! Haha haha) then around 3/4am sleepy again... and I sleep till 3pm!!! (Sleep like a log!!!!)

Monday night... sleepy also.. and sleep like a pig till the next day......

Then I can't sleep on Tueday, Wednesday and Thursday nights!!!!! Rolling around my bed.. sleepy... but my eyes just don't wanna shut close!!!!! Hahahhahaa

Very the sian lor.. since I need to wake up early on 
Wednesday(media event to attend in the afternoon... so need to up early to take care of my dogs) 

Thursday(morning got makeover- see previous post)

Bellabox(will blog about it on soon)

Friday (this morning).... Picnic by the beach with my sisters and Ming!!
(We need some sun... activate Vitamin D... hahaha)

snack we got for the picnic!!!

Now, hopefully I can sleep well and not just tossing around on my bed feeling super tired and not able to sleep!!!

Going to nuan my Saturday off by doing nothing else but watching non-stop kdrama!! Kekekekekee

I wanna go to the pet's fair at East coast... but but but but but but... I already booked an appointment for buibui (I can feel that her thick long coat of fur is making her feeling more and more uneasy!!! Alot of furball rolling around my bedroom and living room!! ahahahhaa) at 2.30pm........... No one will be around to help me send and bring her back after 3hrs :(  (Why the timing have to be in the middle!!!!! 真是不三不四!!!  不上不下!!!! Hai~)

It's been awhile since I doing this kind of random fussing on my blog!!! I miss those days when I just talk shits and do nothing! Hahahahahaa

Totally enjoyed typing(sharing) out my daily random boring life on my personal blog like I used to do.... all the time! Kekekekkee... Will be back with more movies, dramas reviews and some food post soon!

So missing Sus, Pat and Lola ~ you are the one who always commenting, sharing almost everythings and anything with me on livejournal!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3

Movie Review : Beautiful Creatures

On Thursday, I have a makeover session in the morning and a beauty event in the evening, so I ask Ming whether she wanna meet me early (like 7hrs early.. lolx) ... and she told me she wanna see me makeover and help me take pics!!!! 真是两肋插刀的好死党.. (for me I rather sleep~ wahahahaha... nah~ I be there for you too la "kiss kiss")

Makeover at 11am to 12 plus
Evening event at 7pm

So... we have around 7 hours to spare and Ming suggest to catch a movie!
And we did.... we see "Beautiful Creatures" 

Not a bad movie... but we expected abit too much from it! lolx

When I first saw the poster... 
I thought it some lame comedy and the trailer proof me wrong! lolx

(See for yourself... it just spell "comedy" don't you think? hahahaa)

I loving this ever changing living room~

Ethan longs to escape his small Southern town. He meets a mysterious new girl, Lena. Together, they uncover dark secrets about their respective families, their history and their town.

Personally, I donno what to expect from this movie... beside the point that this was a "witch" fantasy type of movie... the trailer was really interesting but that's about it (They spoiled the excitment by showing all the exciting scenes! lolx)

The "curse" and secretive of the movie still pretty entertaining! 
I say this is a slightly above average fantasy movie... don't expect too much and you will enjoy quite a bit from this cute little movie.

The romance part was pretty ok (sweet~ but ok) lolx... not cheesy enough for me!!! 
I love overrated over-the-top kind of cheesy romance (Hahahhaa... I very cheesy)

Rating : 6.9/10