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Sunday, January 9, 2000

Something's somethings

I always say I heart my life and the way I try to change the world with my EVIL thoughts!!!

It's the same as::
Influence others by inspire them with the ways you live your life, your wisdoms and love.

I'm so proud of myself!! Because..... I have been doing this all my life ^___^
(You'll know somethings YOU can never stop doing)

This world have so many so call "Goods and right choices" that turn out to be so nasty and bad!

So hopefully my EVIL thoughts will bring a smile to peopls who came across me ^___^

Touching one and the one will touches another and so on ^___^

I don't try to teach or help, I'm just trying to influence the world with my tiny sparks ^___^

Like this saying::
Why change the world when you can change yourself.

Changing yourself - making a statement - influence the world!!
Slowly(even if you use up all your life trying to) you will make a difference ^___^

I don't try to talk you into my religious .... I'm just sharing my thoughts ^___^

If you're asking... I'm a buddhist and I'm proud of it ^___^

We don't love to be loved, we love to love!