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Monday, January 28, 2013

(Music) 爱你没差 by 周杰伦

A very beautiful sad song...(beautiful melody and lyrics)

"喔爱你没差   那一点时差喔〜" 
This is just soooo sad ~ if the distance (时差) is between earth and heaven.... 
It's a "long" yet "short" distance  and it's all depend on the one to decide.

周杰伦 爱你没差 

没有圆周的钟  失去旋转意义
远行没有目的  距离不是问题
我占据   格林威治   守候着你
在时间标准   起点回忆过去
等爱在失温后  渐渐死去
喔爱你没差   那一点时差喔〜
你离开这一拳   给的太重
我的心找不到    换日线它在哪
爱你不怕   那一点时差喔〜
就让我静静   一个人出发
你的心总有个  经纬度会留下

Sunday, January 27, 2013

January almost over

Busy busy first month of January 2013....

Have alot of stuff I wanna do, but I cannot do it all...
Giving myself up to Feb to shift all content and edit all broken/messy links and tags (from onsugar to blogspot) and finally decided to mask my dotcom over the blogspot. (I have been paying for it for afew years now, might as well put in good use right??)  I will put all the links that I used to put on my dotcom in there too... so nothing will be left out! lolx

Chinese New Year coming, we don't even celebrate CNY, but my mum simply love all the preps... buying new funitures, spring cleaning... or and I got a new bed too... so... which means I have to really really pack my room! Which also kinda good, cos I can't find most of my stuff in my somewhat messy/neat room! lolx)

I have been attending some events.. I enjoying attending events cos I got to catch up with fellow bloggers... it's always fun to chit chatting with them.. even thought it just a few sentences (kekeke)

I also start earning abit of $$$ .... most of you know that I don't work, I'm lazy not because I'm rich! I don't ask for alot of stuff ... so if you see me start looking for a job or part time, it's just means that I need some extra $$$ for fun (travel or courses).

I'm in the midst of starting back my online store... I enjoy shopping, ordering and making all those accessories .. it's a fun and tiring process. (Can't wait to get back on it....)

Here are some random shots... so that this post doesn't look sooo boring with "words" lolx

Mum.. have a lovely birthday dinner too...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

There's always fun when Karaoke ing

Went Karaoke"ing" with Ming and Kiyora last week.... FUN... singing is fun!!! lolx

la la la la~  I believed I killed some "chickens" in the session! lolx

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Plans and Goals

This year, 2013.. I'm going to start being hardworking... alot of plans and hopefully it would be an exciting year for my family and me (My friends too.. if you are having new plans and so...)

I decided to shift my beauty blog out of onsugar ( to blogger (

I give myself 2 months to edit everything I need to do for the blog...

And in March, hopefully.. I can get my store up also (Have been toying with the idea of new "design" new "name" and "concept"... NO more "drsaru" (I already gave up the domain).  I need something more fresh, fun and simple ^_^

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Peapea 8th birthday

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to my precious Peapea.......
Happy Birthday to you!