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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Random shop alone before movie

Went to see New Moon on Tues with Ming and Swan @ VIVO..
Finally, right? lolx.. heard good and bad reviews on the movie... so I didn't gave high hope for this movie and in the end.. it turn out quite good! ^__^

Before meeting Ming and Swan... I went out early, I wanna check out MAC for their browsets and Sasa on the Pupa new collection (it look like MAC style black.. but it was too gittery for my liking!)

So I bought the MAC browset without checking out Sephora browset.. WHY? Well bcos... when I saw the shade beguile... I have to have it! lolx

I also randomly checking out MAC eyeshadows.... And I donno why Amber light look so pretty this time(I always thought it was too loud/dark for my liking).. There goes my willpower on trying not to buy too much eyeshadows!!!!

Beguile browset.. I tried it on yesterday and I love how light the texture was
and how soft the color when I brush it thru my brows!

Amber Light... It's kinda like bronze orange gold!

I window shopping awhile at Tangs, some random clothing stores(I wanna get some normal big round neck tshirts.. didnt see any I like~) and I stop by Best Denki to get a new earphone(I hate the one I bought last month!... So tiny and I felt that it keep poking my eardrums.(I know it's impossible for a ear piece to poke the eardrums!) But well... I got a Sony black innit earpiece ^__^ I'm happy with it!

Lastly, I rest at Coffee beans with a cup of hot yummy latte while waiting for them to reach ^__^ A very blissful, relaxing 2hrs shopping spree(I didn't buy alot.. but I see alot! lolx)

They reach around 8pm... have dinner before the movie ^__^

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