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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Researching eczema, immune system

I have been doing alot of researching on eczema (which is this on going.. I like search and read about articles on eczema every other days...) but lately, I have been googling about "Immune system" "diet for eczema skin condition" and "inflammation."

So.. most of the stuff, I've read.. I have been doing it lately...
  • like sleep early (ok.. this is abit fail for this week.. as I go to bed quite late....AGAIN.. blame it on the Kdrama)
  • do more exercises (I go for 2 hrs walk everyday.. except last week(I know... maybe this is the reason why my eczema flare up recently!!)
  • eat more fruits
  • Less foods source belong to irritant foods
    Peanut, seafoods, chocolate, egg, beans and ects...
So after reading a few articles... I found out the hot tea is quite good for the skin... maybe I should drink more!!! I going to brew a tall cup of green tea later (replacing my coffee intake with tea!!!)

My "Cool Gear" tumbler are not heat friendly.... I should get one that I can pour tea in!!!

I should be updating all this skin-condition information over at my beauty blog... but I find that these are abit too much for many who don't have this kind of experiences... (maybe I should put a link that to all my eczema related posts!)

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