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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Diet plan

From the very first TCM Sinseh I see at West Coast (which cost me about SD$82)... told me to avoid foods like Chocolate, egg, peanut, seafoods(prawn, crab, shellfish..ects).. so after a week, my medication finished and I got hives all over my body!!! (Neck, arms, armpits, legs, back, tummy and my butts!!!)

I didn't go back to her.. so after a few weeks, my sister ask me to go see the sinseh at Chinatown (which should be pretty GOOD.. )

"According to the Chinatown Sinseh... the medication has nothing to cause all the hives.. it's my immune system.. which triggers the hives! So... to ease and build up my immuse system.. I'm going to avoid certain foods and ects!

I got better.. really better... have been going back every week for acuputure and fire needles (I don't really enjoy it... yet it feel so good on the itchy spot.. especially on the ezcema patches...)

The sinseh advise not to take seafoods .. especially prawn... he didn't say anything about chocolate, egg nor peanut... but I still avoid it! Oh... and also try to avoid high protein foods and cold stuff(cold drink... ice... ects)

As of today... I have another case of itch flare up... on my feet (I think mainly cos I go and apply tiger balm and it itch like hell... scratch until all so swollen and ugly!!!)

Anyway... I going to stop myself from eating "chicken" (cos we all say when we have wound or skin condition.. we should avoid chicken... so... No chicken for me!!)

I donno why... I didn't crave for anything except chocolate ice-cream...

I hope I can keep up... since I'm not a huge fan of Chicken... but I do enjoy steam chicken, fried chicken and korean spicy chicken.... but if I saw beef or pork.. I will opt for those then chicken(lolx)

OK.. I should stop here.. cos I donno what I talking about now.. hahaha.. sleepy~

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