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Monday, March 10, 2014

Peapea, buibui and my makeup randomness

An update of wat I have posted on instagram~ "dogs' edition"

Peapea hurt his back - he pop a vein, so he's very sensitive when we touch his back!

Recoved after a good night sleep
Healthy dog heal faster! (I think.. hehhehe)

The devoted buibui who cannot keep her eyes away from the baby niece~

She's getting more and more hairy and weather is getting hotter... so...

Dah lah~ A trip to the groomer~

So neat and oh so cute la~

Printing out some pics

Kinda like how my skin look lately 
(hydrated.. although I have some break-out on the side of the cheek... heal faster la! haahhaa)

A random lazy meow I spotted at a nearby coffeeshop~

Ariya got me a new cool gear (love love love it!!!)
I want more (#sogreedy)

I start to rotate more different makeup products daily 
(I try to put on makeup daily~)

Got some new stuff to try too

Pop by my beauty blog to see what I'm into lately~

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