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Monday, March 10, 2014

Baby niece

For the pass few weeks, I wanna say I was pretty busy.. BUT when I sit down and think about what I've done... it doesn't seem much!!

Baby niece is quite easy to handle since dad do most of the feeding at night, while in the day.. she hardly cry and sleep all day! So I kinda still doing what I normally do "almost" everyday.. except heading out for stuff! lolx

Anyway, this post gonna be an update of what I've posted on instagram~ If you haven't follow me yet... go follow la~ kekekekeke~

(Feb 24th 2014)

Visiting xiaomei at the Hospital on the next day

Buibui have been very cute and caring.. always keeping an eye on the baby



So cute right~
Well, I know all babies are cute... but some just... erm.... hhhahaha...
Ok la.. everybody will think that their own baby is cuter #istronglyagree ...

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