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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Drama Review 韩剧: You Who Came From the Stars 來自星星的男人

Have been waiting for months for this and now (finally, I absorbed all the episodes! ahahahaa)

Synopsis (source)
A romantic comedy drama about an alien man who landed on Earth 400 years ago during the 17th-century Joseon Dynasty period, falling in love with a modern day actress. 

Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) is an alien who possesses a near perfect appearance and enhanced physical abilities involving his vision, hearing and speed. His character also happens to be a university professor and he looks 20. Although he holds a cynical view to human beings, but he gets entangled in a sweet love story with actress Chun Song Yi (Jeon Ji Hyun)
It's hard not to link Jeon Ji Hyun to her famous character from My Sassy Girl .. I guess because this is my first time seeing her in mini series (kdrama). 

Kim Soo Hyun, my favourite.. I was sold by his charming smile and good acting from "Dream High" and never stop following his movies/dramas after that! kekekekke... And I have been waiting for a long long time ever since I heard about this drama "He who came from the star".

Kim Soo Hyun look more charming then before ...  it's like way better then his character in Dream High and cannot even compare him in Secretly, Greatly (cos he act like a crood in the movie... hahahhaa) ... but he's soooo charming in The Moon That Embraces the Sun. He is simply charming!!!!

The drama has a fun point where the character sit down and narrated his past and experiences.. .or what "happening in between the drama" Kinda like he was being interviewed about his life. (I find this part quite refreshing in the Korean drama)

I really love the plot and idea of an alien living in this world for hundred of years (I love Dr Who... so anything sci-fi are a spot-on for me! Kekekeke....

Overall, it's a story on how this Alien meet this Korea Top actress and how their love story begin, BUT... every drama/movie must have a villain and in this drama, the villain is really a scary one!! He can kill anyone who block his path to success!!!

The only disappointing part was that.. the alien itself.. they never really explain it well and on the ending... it's kinda happy and not really! I really hate having the "hanging there" type of feeling.. but if I don't think too much... the ending was kinda Good in a way! (lolx)

Am I making it worse by saying and not really saying anything? I don't wanna be the spoiler... just go and watch the drama if you like the plot/alien(not really scary type of alien going to take over the world type).

This drama is really worth your 21 episodes (about 50mins per ep) time!!
Not like "Marry him if you dare or Fashion King" (A total waste of time!)

Since this is a comedy, gonna have some really really embarrassing scenes from the actress character!!!

 Park Hae Jin he look like the Taiwanese actor/comedian - 
Bao wei ming(wahahaha... 跑跑跑向前跑~~~)

Towards the last few epsiodes -(ep 17 - Suzy!)
Go Hye Mi and Song Sam Dong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lolololx (I think too much)


Rating: 8.5/10
For Kim Soo Hyun 9.5/10 (kekekeke)
For Jeon Ji Hyun 9.5/10 (awesome acting!!!)

 Images source from google search

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