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Thursday, January 9, 2014


How can you define a lie is actually a lie? 
Most peoples just think that others are lying because that person didn't say or do that very thing you want them to! 

(Unless it's crime related - lying is just another word that come out of the mouth)

Personally, I don't mind friends lying to me... it just made me think that they are scare/worried/care about me enough to lie... else.. why lies? 

I normally look away if I care - cos there always a reason behind each lies, so I respect their choices. As long as I know what I'm doing and trusting with... A little lies by someone I care about doesn't hurt much. I have faith in peoples... be it good or bad... it's a choice I made.

From my knowledge - peoples lie because they are lack of confident about themselves so they lie to themselves by lying to others (So to sum it up... who are they fooling with? "Themselves" and I respect that!) 

BUT being honest and lying are quite different in my dictionary~

You can be honest and lying at the same time... 
if you get what I means You will know how I feels~

I'm ok with lying doesn't means you can cheat on ME
In a romantic relationship- I cannot tolerate lies (but if you have a reason and needed to lie... if it's white lies... I can close one eye...(The "white" part is another whole level of "definition"! lolx...
Quite complex.. (I know! hahahaa)

Well... that's me~
I really do not know how I will feel until I'm face to face with it... right NOW.. I'm just speaking of what I feel at this very moment.. unless you are so special that I can look pass everythings.

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