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Sunday, January 12, 2014


For the first 2 weeks of 2014 (and this very moment) - my life is all about "Doctor.... Doctor Who"... yes... I keep looking out the window and hope that I will see that blue blue box! Wahahahahahah ....



The moment I wake up (if I didn't have places to go).. I will on the TV and start my day with it..... which cut down alot of my online time! I spend like an hour online just for blogging (sometimes a bit longer if the stuff I wanna blog is a bit too "heavy" in content). And on days I totally never go online! lolx

The online time are mostly blogging + youtube + googled about the history of "Doctor Who"!! (Too sick, I'll say)

Seriously, I totally have love/hate feeling with obsession because I don't have time for other stuff.

The only good things was that I'm still pretty clear headed that I put my Peapea and Buibui first (and my family of-course)...  spend good amount of time playing with them, feeding them and do whatever they ask me to do (which is mostly opening doors and retrieving toys.)

Like always... I know that when I obsess about a tv show... I simply cannot stop!!

Eg ::  I used to be so obsessed with "House" and I thought I will be devastated when the series come to an end... and surprisingly I'm not!!! (Because 2 yrs have passed and I didn't miss it! lolx)

House leave a very deep impression on me about "Lies" (which explained my recent post about "Lies").  He has a strong belief that everybody lies be it good, bad, willingly or not! Human just cannot help themselves when it comes to lying! (Quite true... I simple love him for being means, angry and funny all the time! lolx)

I guess watching each season once or twice per year ... kinda dilute the "obsession" ~
But look at that charming face~ "melts~"

Another obsession - Supernatural!
Supernatural Season 9 just start a couple months ago - and I refrain myself from watching 
I wanna wait till I have all the eps of season 9 first (because once I start I can't stop!)
Right now they stop at mid-season and the "waiting period" is tormenting me!

I seriously hope Dean won't be going anywhere!
I will cry!! Seriously!!! I means it!!! 
(Long Live Supernatural - I wanna grow old with you! hahhahaa)

Anyway... the point of this post is to mark the new phase of my life ..... the moment that I go completely head over heel with a series. I don't get obsessed easily on most stuff.. except TV shows (series)!!! They ruin my "time" !!!!

DOCTOR WHO!!! You are my devil!!!!!

I will be starting another set of new series soon and hopefully I won't be as crazy as this "Doctor" (lolx)... If I don't the post drama/series symotom will drive me crazy!!!!!!!!


TV shows, movies, dramas and books always got me thinking.. well... bascially the foundation of this blog is all about fiction - Things I talked about are mostly things I see, read or heard about from TV, books and movies.  Trying to mix fiction and my life together - it's like a way to make myself learn more about myself. (Get it?? ^,~)

My dad always say - what have you learned from the movie, tv shows or books that I've read and watched... He even ask me what I have learned from the game that I've played!!!!  He will like if you watch TV without thinking.. your brain never "work"..  I guess the habit of trying to explain/review developed from then. 

Anyway, I should go back to editing pictures - so that I got more time for TV (Kekekekeke~)

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