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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A simple life

Lately... apart from all the hectic load of blog posts waiting for me to blog (edit and ects)... I think my life was kinda boring for others but very interesting for me and my gang(my doggies of-course)

We find (I should said "I") that little random things like a piece of ribbon quite fascinating... I always use random little things to play with my doggies... ermmm..... well... they might find me nuisance cos I never ask for their permission! Hahahahaha...

So here's what I do with a red ribbon that was lying around my room~

I think Buibui was saying... it's better without the "red" thingy~ hahahhaa

And I finally find sometimes to meet up with Fa and his doggies "Miimii" (I called her that... ) her name is Brownie (thats what his sister calling this little darling)

She is getting so BIG!!!! About the same size but alittle bit longer that my late momo~ (momo also poodle~ I miss my momo~)

Olright~ beside hanging out with my doggies... I kinda eat non-stop... my sister made me some chocalate pancake the other days and now I craving for guacomole again!!!! Going to make some tomorrow (once the avocado riped~)

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