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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Tea Cappuccinos in Chai, Scottish Breakfast and Anniversary Blend Tea (review)

Tea tea tea tea tea ... and tea in cappuccinos form!! I cannot help it and took up this offer to "taste" the new limited tea cappuccinos from the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® (whispering "I love their English Breakfast tea latte")

Stop by Coffee Bean a few days ago with my sisters to have some "tai tai" lifestyle by sipping teas and cappuccino before dinner. (Ariya is having double shot cappuccino - she is NOT a tea person)

 Anniversary Blend Tea
This one is by far the stronger "scent" among the 3 Tea Cappuccino. The berries scent were very strong and the combination of tea, foamed milk, vanilla bean sauce and berries are very unique. 
I'm not a fruity/floral tea person, but this is an ok combination for me - the acai berry taste wasn't too strong (not sour at all).

Scottish Breakfast Tea Cappuccino
I love Coffee Bean English breakfast tea latte, and when I Scottish Breakfast in the limited tea cappuccino... I have to try it!!!!
Hmmm... I normally prefer creamy and richer tea, so this is abit too light for my liking, BUT the blend of vanilla bean sauce add abit of richness and make it a bit unique.

Chai Tea Cappuccino
I didn't have this in the cafe, but in take away form.
This taste like a mild version of chai tea - the spice taste wasn't that strong, not as sweet and creamy. If you are someone who think that chai tea is abit too rich, this version is the one to try.
Among all 3 limited Tea Cappuccino, my fave would be Chai Tea Cappuccino, like I mention above, I like stronger and richer teas.. but not a fan of "fruity" tea.

All Tea cappuccino are not that creamy, if you not a fan of creamy milk tea, you can give tea cappuccino a try.

Tea Cappuccinos will be available for a limited period of eight weeks, from 8 April to 25 May 2013 at all Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.
Price : SD$6.00 each

I'm not affiliated with the company.
Complimentary vouchers were provided for tasting.

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