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Saturday, May 25, 2013

CeeLo green, Rob Stewart, Jamie Oliver and sorted foods

May almost over??!?!?!?!?!?! Why time pass so fast one!!!

So many stuff to do... and sooo little time!

Many entries back, I mentioned that I going to cut down my online time right?? Well.. it work out fine at first.. until recently I fall back to my vicious cycle of late night(shake head), sitting infront of the computer and do nothing... why YOUTUBE have to be soooo tempting one (watching from comedy to foods channels ( Jamie Oliver and my other top favourites would be SORTED FOOD)

Jamie Oliver

Especially when both mix together (HEAVEN!!!)

Beside YOUTUBE... many new albums releasing!!! Jonas Brothers (YES... me loving their style of songs), Rob Stewart, Ceelo Green and ects... guess the amount of "gossips" that I have to follow up! lolx

Me love gossips!! I don't create gossips.. I just love discussing gossips with friends (Kekkekeee)

Rob Stewart releasing TIME album ^^
She makes me happy MV

CeeLo Green Featuring Lauriana Mae - Only You
Lee Hyori (이효리) - Bad Girls (배드 걸스)

OKok.. I still have a few movies/dramas reviews waiting for me to update (if you're interested in la)
And beside... I'm quite busy with my own beauty blog (so many stuff to share .... no time to do it!)

I'll try my best and enjoy the weekend ^^

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