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Monday, April 29, 2013

A somewhat fail food hunting trip with ming

Eat eat eat - suppose to be a food hunting day.... made so many plans to eat all kind of foods that we never tried before, but kinda fail!!!!  (Sian max!!!)

Anyway, we start our day with ... Outram park Ya hua rou gu cha

YUM... I love the peppery broth

(This is our brunch)

 First time trying Sumo Salad (@Vivo)
Nice!! Now kinda craving for it!

bean curd

 Dinner at maxwell food market
I've been there many many times....

COCONUT juice, sugar cane juice and ice tea (mine~ )

latte and cake at Chinatown point Dr-cafe

Ice-cream and fries @ Mcdonald's

We didnt eat alot ... just lunch, tea break, dinner, and coffee break
Shouldn't consist this as a foods hunt (I think I eat more type of foods for normal outing! lolx)

Random buy.... a tiny break from foods!

Back in January, Ming and I... plus a certain someone decided to do a foods hunting trip and also exchange christmas presents.

(Well, I'm the one suggesting foods hunting la .. cos I love to eat and I wanna try foods that we never tried before.)

Made so many plans, but that someone like not interested in whatever foods we (Ming and I) saw or suggested... I wonder why she agree to come along in the first place?

Anyway, going to plan our next foods hunting... with real foods lovers who know how to eat!!!
Can't wait can't wait can't wait ^^ !!!

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