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I'm still in the midst of shifting my content from my old blog...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Moving on....

Sa wat dee~

On Sept 22nd 2011... I decided to shift from Livejournal to Blogger... I got more control on what I wanna share (like widgets and ects)... although livejournal got more control on the privacy of my content.. well..  guess.. I just need to control of the kind of stuff I'm sharing! Kkekkekee

I'm slowly transfering all my blog entries from "Livejournal" over
"Hai~" sadly that the export/import tool don't seem to work on both sides... SO... I NEED alot of time!!!(I have to update/movin it over ONE BY ONE!!!!)

As for the time being... do refer on the above "tags" links ^.^ 

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