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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Beach outing~

Yesterday, we popped by Sentosa beach... I didn't know that it changes alot(ok...havent been to a beach for ages) Not so fun now with all the "commercial" building around and blocking most of the beach for "business"

Anyway, after brunch... we headed over to Giant and shopping some snacks and drinks for picnic on the beach! Next time.. we should stick to more korean bbq (cooked foods) and buy alot of drinks... Hahhaha... abit wasted(on some of the snack that we can't finish!)

 Ming photoboming with her bbq~
Korean style! hahahahaa

Just sunblock (New biore water essence sunblock) with a light dust over of Heroine Made mineral BB in shade 01

And on my whole body.. Nivea Sun invisible protection transparent spray SPF 50!

Ming and I ... being a  very "serious" bloggers ... we bring "some" products over to the beach and took some "pictures" hahahaha.... hopefully it turn out nice~

Pro trying to take pics by the water ... hahhaha .. scary much!

After a few hours on the beach.. we decided to check out Fort Siloso~

Ariyaaaaaa spotted a heart shade leave~

She got cannon !!! Wahahaha 
(we are soooo lame for enjoying the lame meme on fb that we try to "follow" lolx)

Stop calling me ajumma!!!!!

 The surrender chamer

Saw a baby peacock following mummy around.... sooo cute!

Ended out day with some Texas Chicken... Hmmm... so so only~
And their mashed potatoes (Bleh~ not nice)

Fun and very tiring outing... love it...

A very full, fun and tiring week 
(I did it.. I didn't spend alot of my time by computer!!! ^__^ )

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  1. AHJUMMA!!!!!!!! HAHHAAHHAHA!!~ Oooo my legs look nice naked as well~ Whahahhaha~