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Friday, January 6, 2012

Peapea's 7th birthday

Celebrated Peapea's 7th birthday on 2nd Jan 2012...

I got a light Japanese cheese cake for peapea (It's human food! But I only gave them abit.)

I don't really like cake that was made for dogs.. they are hard(felt like overnight cake that have been seat out for a long time) and the cream... too sweet (Yes, I tasted all dog's foods before feeding them.. I wanna know what they are eating/tasting) and they taste abit "weird" too. (All they say was.. we don't put sugar and we use honey... don't honey and sugar sound kinda similar in "sweet" term??)

I didn't gave feed anything that contain "honey" to peapea nor buibui when they are just a puppy. Because honey contain some bacterias.. it's already not suitable for baby below 12months(I think)... so I don't trust giving food that is not suitable for baby to my puppy! (and now, sometimes, I still avoid it.. even though I saw that alot of dog's snacks contain "honey")

Anyway, last year... I have told myself that I'm going to bake a cake for Peapea.. BUT I forgot :(

Abit blurred.. but check out buibui expression!!!!! (Oh, and she just got a new "fur" cut. I asked my dad to shave it.. and he say he wanna keep the ear's fur! lolx.. .Buibui look funny!)

Close shave cut... Doesn't she look like "cookies and cream"?

At night, when my sister came home.. she brought home some toys for them (normally when one of them celebrate their birthday, the other one also get it... )

We got another one the next day... because, both of them love the "dumbbell" one! (It's rare cos buibui don't like to play "toys" ... she just love to snatch the toy away from peapea and then just let it sit there... BUT this time, she's is playing with it and she carry it around with her! Awwwww....)

Well.. that's all (Some of the pics, I did tweeted/fb about it... some for those who already seen it.. YOu see "double" (lolx)

Excuse me on the blurred pics... it's not easy taking hype active dog's picture without using "flash" (lolx)

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