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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Movie Review: Paradise Kiss (Jmovie)

Synopsis (Source: asianmediawiki)
Yukari Hayasaka (Keiko Kitagawa) is a high school student who has become tired of her life of constant schooling. She then comes across a group of student fashion designers in need of a model for their "Paradise Kiss" clothing label. Yukari knows nothing about the fashion world and is taken back by the group's eccentric ways, but she soon comes to admire their free thinking ways and ability to pursue their dreams with a one track mind...

This movie was base on the popular manga (comic)... and the cinematography was so dreamy. It pretty basic/normal scenery... but the tone was really dreamy, and all the blink and fashion.... NICE.

A romance movie which feel like a drama which tell you how to live your life by making your own decision and try not to blame or push it to others because you trying to please them.

I donno why, I love it... thought the storylines were very simple and the actress acting was abit off... but the chemistry of the fashion, dreamy setting, pretty boys.. it clicks... well atleast it click on me! lolx

It's a fun and relaxing movie to see <3  and Osamu Mukai is such an eye candy (Love his acting in his previous Japanese dramas - Bambino! and (especially) Atashinchi no Danshi(he was oh so dreamy in the cute drama... even thought he's not really the leading actor)

My Rating: 8.5 / 10
(High for the fashion, good quality plots and pretty boys)

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