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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Channing Tatum - hotties - random - movies

Gossip Time Part 2

I forgot to add these sexy guys into the first post... I found this in my harddisc... have been saving it and I totally forgot about it! lolx

Channing Tatum Does ‘GQ’ Magazine
He just married!! Congrat!
I can't wait to see G.I.Joe and Fighting

Photobucket fail me.. so I'm using flickr =(

See fans made poster of New Moon (I really like it that Dakota Fanning is Jane in the movie!!)
Totally match the description in the moon.. can't wait to see New Moon!!!!
You know.. I might know any news about New Moon (cos I tried not to read much about the making and story behine it... cos I wanna get surprise when I'm seeing the movie!
(Too much disappointment from Twilight already!)

Pic have been PSed by fan using Dakota Cap's CF

The werewolves
Sam, Jared, Paul and Embry!!
Not as big sizes as I thought they gonna big...

Our new logo/icon for drsaru

Have been revamping aiyaa say she prefer the black background... so there go all my free time.. lolx (Which remind me that I still need to pack drsaru stuff! lolx)

OK... next entry would be about the movie outing on last saturday!

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