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Saturday, October 31, 2015

01 #PeapeaSleepingPosition

I have been doing all kind of picture's project on this little random blog spaces for ages.. and most of them I quit half-way (I have all the pics.. just that I'm too lazy to resize/edit/upload)..... So this time round, I hope I can keep it up... as I don't want to have a end day for this project!

I'm going to take a pic (or many... if he's being too cute! lolx) of the way peapea sleep on my bed each night till forever.... (so this is not like a one-month projects that I used to do!! I hope I can keep up!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!) ... I will add in buibui if she happened to sleep on my bed (which is NOT very often as she like to hide under my bed!)

Day 1
26th Oct 2015

Got him this orange chew toy when he's a baby, until now he still love it even thought it look so dirty and ugly as compare to his newer toys!

No sight of Buibui... as usual, sleeping under the bed!

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