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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Red Tea Pot set

We got this teaspot set at Kitchen Culture afew years ago and until recently (On Xiaomei's wedding, I decided to use it!!!)

 [Excuse the messy table... I took this set of pics when I took out the set from it packaging!]

Reason?? Well, this simple looking set cost more then SD$500++ (I can't justify the price tag.. but the quality was there - it's sleek, thick and feel nice. Good thing, we have vouchers.... else I would never thought of getting it with my own $$$$$$)

I think the teapot itself cost SD$200
Sugar pot, creamer and dish cost SD$168(?)...
A set of  Cup + Saucer cost SD$33 (I got 5sets of it)

 Expensive!!!! I KNOW!! (lolx)

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