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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Music: Joe Jonas FastLife

I won 2 copies of Joe Jonas first solo album "FastLife"!!

I'm liking my hair... It's messy and big (I like I like~ lolx)  
Oopsie... please, excuse my bare face ^_~

Here's the 2 copies!!!

One more pic of my damp and messy hair ^.~

Here's the songs list...

Just in Love

Read alot of comments that Joe Jonas is trying to be the new "Justin Timerberlake"... Well, I agree it does have JT shadow on his performing style(base on the live I saw on Youtube) and the dressing style(oh well, don't everyone look kinda similar in skinny suit?? :b)

Anyway, I haven't listen to the whole album yet, but base on the live shows... those songs were nowhere near JT R&B/Hip Hop sound! It's more of a POP fusion! lolx  [I still prefer Jonas' style rock song (kinda like pop + country)]

Thanks Campus Magazine/Universal Music Singapore for organizing the giveaway contest.

Check out their facebook page :

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