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Monday, November 30, 2009

drama review: Cineralla Man (男版灰姑娘)(korean)

Title: 신데렐라맨/Cinderella Man/男版灰姑娘  
Genre: Romance 
Episodes: 16 

Synopsis fr wiki  
A story of a rich man (Lee Joon Hee) who switches lives with a man who looks identical to him only the difference between them is the other man is poor (Oh Dae San). Seo Yeo Jin is a girl who studies at fashion design school in Paris but returns to Korea after her life is turned upside down when her father dies.

 I love Kwon Sang Woo dramas, so I never care whether it good or not... I just bought it! =Þ And it didn't disappoint me like Cruel love(the drama before this) did!! ^.^V Infact I love it.. all the casts are great actors and actress... except Im Yoon Ah(she's from Girls Generation).. her acting was so stiff! hahahah... But it doesn't make the drama suck at all!! It just prove that how great Kwon Sang Woo is! hee hee hee Anyway this type of storylines are so common.. but I still love it.. since it surrounded in fashion industries!!!

Sexy guy + fashion + comedy + some twists + kdrama = LOVE
Even though the drama genre say this was a "Romance" drama.. but there wasn't many romantic scences in it... maybe becos the actress cannot act out the love~y feel?!?!? (idk) Even with the lack of romance.. this drama was not boring at all!!! I love the secret behind the 2 sexy guys(which were both acted by Kwon Sang Woo) and all the dramas between the brothers of the rich and the competition between fashion companies and ects (it's pretty interesting enough! lolx) Nothing much to say ^__^ it's a fun drama to watch.. nothing really that serious or sad that make you cry like a baby... alot of laughter... ahahahha...

My fave songs from the drama
  zu rum zu rum zu rum..... 
My rating:: 8.9/10
Oh, don't you think that Im Yoon Ah look like a younger and skinny version of Athena Chu(hongkong actress)?? She's the one who act with chen han wei(spore actor.. is that his name?) who's the song was more famous then the TV movie? Man until now this song 关怀方式 still sound good.. and I like it cos the lyrics can be reverse.. hahaha

Weather really cold.. and someone from oppsite block was screaming and shouting... Since an hr ago!! Man..they are not tired! hahahaha

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