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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sa wat dee~ random updating

I used to use this platform to share pics of my dogs and foods... but ever since Instagram.... I kinda don't update as often as I want to be~

I'm busy with living... breathing itself already took up all of my times and I have to squeeze in with all the lazy stuff I want to do~ like napping, lying on my bed ... day dreaming... sleeping... and just look at my ceiling! lolx #imlazysowhat!

So here are some of the random pics I've posted on instagram (and some NEW one... hahahhaa)

How can I not start anything with FOODS... I love to eat as much as I love to cook... but because I have to keep up with my "Status quo" as a #lazybone... I cannot do too much cooking (Wahahahhahahaa!!!) Anyway.. .the salted egg sauce pork rib is YUMMY~ 

The sandwiches from Hans was kinda meh~  I can do better but since I'm lazy... I pay money to eat something not as good as my own cooking ( -_-"' )

Cheap foods selling at "atas" price even at pasar malam (6 tiny pieces for $4) 
I can make more with a pack of flour and box of eggs and it's still cheaper then this small cup!!!
But then... I'm lazy... so no complain since it's quite nice.... kekekekeke :P

Every meal you made
Every bite you take...
I'll be watching you 👅

Donut = LOVE

See even Ginny (my baby niece... 18 months only...) is dancing when she had donut!

Not peapea though~ hahahah

Ginny is having some serious conversation with peapea
(I do not know what they talking about!)

DO not taste like teh tarik... more like teh only~ 
Money not well spent!! But not my money so ok ~ hahahaha

Anyone exciting for The Flash Season 2??

And WHY?? Waited so long for Doctor Who Season 9 and it ended with "to be continue...." (arggggg~ have to wait another week~ lolx)

That's all for now...
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