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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wrong time wrong place

Oops... I accidently published some of my old posts from livejournal which are "friends" view entries. (For selected group of friends I added on Livejoural... also can say is "private post")

And not to mention that I also forgot to edit the "date/year" when I copy paste over from LJ blindly (I can't import Livejournal.. so have to publish one by one!! Tiring!!)...

I have to stop doing stuff when I'm sleepy or tired.. BUT itchy butts still wanna do somethings so that to make myself think that I'm "doing" something that day!!(FAIL MUCH!!!)

So, if you read some of the fussing rant from time to time... it's old stories which lost its meaning NOW. (I'm not trying to dig old wounds)

I just deleted all that (cos I think some entries should just stay on livejournal and off public) ... sorry for all the mess up and nonsense fussing!!!!

I promise I'm all sweet and stuff!!! Wahahahahhaa.. like real!!

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