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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Random Fussing

I didn't wanna sound like a bitch who love to fuss about everythings... but sometimes, being emo made me wrote all kind of nonsense(S)...

I'm a gal and mood swing is in our blood.. I blame it on hormone!!!

Some might think that I'm talking about them... oh well, if you feel so, then it might be YOU! I'm not going to deny it... if it wasn't "YOU"... I won't feel this way(am I right?)

"Butterfly effect"

I say it out loud... so that I know that I don't feel good about "it" and also a way for me to release some stress and "reflect"! So that I won't become the type of person I hate so much!

And it's up to "YOU" whether you wanna reflect on it... or just simply treat my "friendship" as garbage!

Than, I guess... the definition of "friendships" are so cheapo! (你的友情是廉价的... 我不需要!)

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