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Thursday, June 18, 2009

[Movie] Drag me to hell

This gonna be kinda random entry (well when it doesn't? lolx)

Tuesday suppose see movie with Ming.. but she cancel it cos she have some reports to do! Hai~ I wasn't meant to see Angel and Demon in cinema... lolz (Think I going to rent it or buy the DVD)

So movie wit Aiyaa instead ^__^ (and she don't want to see Angel and Demon)...

We see Drag me to hell and it suppose to be a horror/thriller movie... but I read one of the review saying it was a horror comedy, I couldn't understand... but wahahahaaaa...

It's really a scary(yes it made me jumped afew times and the sound effect really super the best man!!!) and somewhat funny movie(it wasn't meant to be funny... but man we can't help it... it just look and feel funny!!) wahahhaaa

And the movie was so gross!! Not becos of the grusome scenes... it's just pure yucky!!! Why do everythings have to puke/go/fly into the mouth!!! Yuck Yuck Yucks!!!!!

After like the first 20mins into the movie(after the first horror/scared) I heard the girl beside me asking her boyfriend why he chose this movie!(lolx) And some guys from the row behind me keep cursing the "F" word! hahahahahaa

Aiyaa told me the guy sitting beside her scold his friend for recommending this movie!! wahahah (they are around mid 30th man!!! Wahahahahaha)

And when the movie was getting more and more eerie... alot of peoples start to laugh!! wahahahahaa.. making me feel like laughing too!!!

Before watching the movie.. meet Aiyaa at Plaza Sing(waiting for her to get off from work) so I went to the newly open Etude House(It's been a rave on local bloggers) Not much to see either... anyway.. I was drawn towards their nail polish rack! lolx and you've guessed.. I bought a nail polish(A shade that I have been seaching high and low for quite sometimes already) They have alot of facial care ranges... and some makeup... which doesn't look appearing to me(lolx)

A Blue-black kinda navy shade oh and they gave me a mask!(lolx)

We have early dinner... cos we watching the 4.50pm time slot. Movie ended around 7pm.. so we walk over to HMV..

Bought Jonas Brothers and Eric Martin album
It's hard to get Eric Martin albums in Singapore.. so when I saw it..
I was jumping up and down inside my mind!!!! hee hee

I wore this shade to the movie on Tues
(didn't like the texture of the nail polish though)

Oh I bought the nail polish last week at Chinatown Plaza
(the store ming took me there once before)

Last night I change the nails color to Orange
(I will do some prints on it later on ^__^)

edit: 18 June 2009
I didn't like it.. I still prefer the yellow/purple net shade
Orange and navy net make my nails look kinda dirty! lol
I should try dark base with white/light pattern next time.

OK.. found this pic on the internet... so cute >.<~ lolz

The pic above remind me of momo pretty smile ^__^

pic taken 26 april 2007

Just now when I was trying to print momo's pics... the photo ink have been giving me problems! Hai~ Only manage to print 2 pics (tomorrow when the light is bright and sunny.. I going to try again... hopefully the problems is from the ink carts not the printer!!!!)

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